Flipcup Rules

No gender rules for flipcup.

There is absolutely NO alcohol consumption requirement to play in the league. You may use soda or water. No cup should be filled past the 2oz line for league play.


Each team will play 3 matches per night. Each match is a best of 7 game series — first to 4 wins. 2 pitchers will be provided for each game to share between your team. This is enough for a 7 game series if the fill rule lines (2oz) are adhered to.

Games will be 6 vs 6. If a team is down a player, the player leading the round would go twice, flipping the first and last cups in the rotation. If a team is down 2 players, the first 2 players will go first/last. You must have 3 players minimum to avoid a forfeit.

Substitutes are allowed during the regular season with no penalty, though they must sign the waiver form. No substitutions allowed during playoffs.

The league is self-reffed. In case of any disputes, ties, or flagrant errors, the round should be played over.

Drink specials will continue post-game.

Common rule violations and penalties

  1. Using hands to steady the cup after flipping. The flip is counted as invalid and must be re-flipped to continue play.
  2. Lifting a cup too soon. If the previous player’s cup has not settled and the player next in line lifts prior to that, the active player must put their cup back down and re-lift.
  3. Flipping too soon. After drinking, the base of the cup must make contact with the table in an upright position before being flipped. In the event that the cup was flipped before being placed on the table, the cup should be re-flipped.
  4. Spilling. In case of accidental spillage, simply continue the round.
  5. Interference. Opponents may not intentionally blow, bump, throw objects at, or otherwise disrupt the player trying to complete a flip. In this case the violating team will lose the match.
  6. Backboards. Using objects on the table to assist with a successful flip is a violation. In such case, the player must re-flip the cup. Using spilled beer to make the surface more ‘sticky’ is allowed, but a flipped cup should not touch any other objects (stray cups, pitchers, etc) on the table.

That’s enough rules. This is a simple, fun game and an excuse to meet a bunch of new people!