All prices and arrangements are subject to change without notice. Cancellations must be received in writing by the dates indicated. C’ville Social Adult Sports reserves the right to remove intoxicated or disorderly persons from any portion of a game or tournament without refund of money. Drinking is not permitted in any league, except bowling or cornhole. Please see Refund Policy section below for more details on the refund policy.

Participants must be 18 or older.

Players must complete the online player waiver & release form before participating in any sports league, tournament, or event.


Participation with C’Ville Social and use of the website is voluntary, and with the mandatory understanding of our waiver that is applicable to all leagues, tournaments, and events. Refer to the following:


*** You must be 18 years (or older) to participate in any of the sports, tournaments, events, or anything associated with Fairfax Athletics, a Virginia nonstock corporation (?Fairfax Athletics? or ?C’Ville Social ).

I hereby represent, warrant and attest to the following: (1) that I meet the above participation age requirement; (2) that I am fully cognizant of the risks involved in any/all of the C’Ville Social sports and voluntarily assume all of those known and unknown risks; (3) that I agree to abide by the published C’Ville Social participation rules at all times during my participation in C’Ville Social sports, etc.; and (4) that I do not suffer from any heart, lung or other medical condition or disease that might in any way hinder or prevent me from fully participating in C’Ville Social sports or make me more susceptible to injury or harm while playing any of C’Ville Social sports.

In consideration of my foregoing representations, and C’Ville Social s approval of my registration application and grant of permission to participate in an C’Ville Social sport: (A) I hereby release, discharge and hold harmless C’Ville Social and its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, agents, successors, managers, volunteers, assigns, and any party named as an additional insured on any policy of insurance held by any of the foregoing parties, or other parties which C’Ville Social has or may be obligated to indemnify, hold harmless or to which C’Ville Social may otherwise be liable, including but not limited to all governmental or private entities which lease, rent or permit use of premises for play, recreation, pre or post game activities (individually the ?Released Party? and collectively, the ?Released Parties?), from any and all liability that may arise directly or indirectly at any time, by reason of any injury, death, damage, loss, or expense incurred in connection with (i) my participation in any of the C’Ville Social sports, or (ii) my attendance at any social or charitable event or gathering that may be organized, authorized, or paid for by the Released Parties, individual players registered with C’Ville Social, or any league or division organized under the Released Parties or their rules, including but not limited to ?happy hours?, bar functions, and any pre-game or post-game events or gatherings; and (B) I fully authorize C’Ville Social, its subsidiaries and affiliates to use my name, likeness or image for purposes of advertising, marketing, promotion or trade without further compensation, except where prohibited by law; and I further acknowledge and agree that any images or recordings obtained or procured by C’Ville Social shall be the sole and exclusive property of C’Ville Social, and may be published, broadcast or otherwise disseminated at the sole and exclusive discretion of C’Ville Social. This Player Release AND Waiver shall be binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, and the releases and waivers contained herein shall include damages, losses or injuries that may be caused solely or in part by the fault (including but not limited to negligence, gross negligence and/or recklessness) of the Released Parties. The foregoing indemnification includes all attorney fees and costs incurred by a Released Party in enforcing the indemnification, or defending against claims for damages that are subject to this release and/or indemnification, regardless of whether a lawsuit is filed or who prevails in a lawsuit that is filed.

In simple terms, you will not be able to sue or hold liable C’Ville Social and/or its officers, directors, employees, members, subsidiaries, agents, successors, managers, and volunteers for anything! You will play at your own risk!



All C’Ville Social leagues adhere to City of Charlottesville policy regarding severe weather (thunder, lightning) which all players, coaches, managers, and referees are responsible for implementing. It is a requirement that if any individual involved with the League–including non-playing spectators–sees lightning or hears thunder, they must bring it to the referee’s attention immediately. EVERYONE shares in this responsibility.

When a member of the referee crew sees lightning or hears thunder, or is alerted to such by a player, coach, manager, or spectator, the referee will immediately suspend play for 30 minutes. Everyone MUST clear the field and retreat to the parking lot. Anyone who remains on the pitch after the referee has ordered everyone off the field acknowledges that they do so at their own risk and that neither the League nor the referee crew assigned to the match can be held responsible or any injuries occurring as long as play is suspended. At no time may an individual ask the referee to ignore the lightning or thunder or insist that play be allowed to continue.

The referee will wait 30 minutes from the last flash of lightning or peal of thunder. Each time lightning re-appears or thunder is heard, the referee MUST re-start the 30 minute clock. There are NO exceptions to this waiting period. Once 30 minute pass with no additional thunder or lightning, the referee will resume play with the appropriate re-start from when play was suspended.

Because the League must operate within the constraints of field permits, the referee has the authority to shorten the halves of the game to try and complete the game or to cancel the match in its entirety.

When a game is cancelled, emails & text messages (if enabled) will be sent to all roster players when games are cancelled. It will also be posted on the website, with an orange Rescheduled box next to the game.


If both teams playing against each other wear the same color jersey/shirt, the AWAY Team (1st team listed on the scheduled) is responsible for changing to a different colored jersey/shirt. A pinnie can also be used.


If a game is cancelled due to inclement weather, all efforts will be made to reschedule for a future date on the same league day. However make-up games may be rescheduled on a different league day to keep the season on schedule.


Absolutely no refunds, credits, vouchers, or transfers to a future season, no matter the circumstances (includes, but is not limited to illness and injury), within two weeks (14 days) of the originally posted start date of the class or league. There will be a $15 processing fee for individuals and a $50 processing fee for teams for ALL refunds requested more than 14 days prior to the originally posted start date of the league or class. There will be a $30 fee for any returned checks.

Any team withdrawing after the league has been finalized and a schedule published will be subject to a fine of 20% of the team fee.


Please send an email to and if the refund is approved, we will process the refund with 10 business days.


If your team needs to forfeit a game for whatever reason, please email or text us within 6 hours before your Monday – Friday game time and 24 hours before your Saturday or Sunday game time. Email is & Text # is 703-382-9111. Failure to let C’Ville Social know within the 6 or 24 hour timeline will result in a $100 forfeit fee, and will need to be paid before your next game. If not paid before 12pm of your next game, the game will be forfeited. This will now give you leverage to hold your players accountable for attendance. THESE PENALTIES WILL BE ENFORCED!


Are there Late Fees if we make payment after the league start date?

Yes, if a player registers after the league start date, they will incur a $10 late fee when registering for the team or as a sub.

Yes, if a team captain does not pay the Full Team payment by the league start date, they will be charged a 10% late fee each week (7 days) until the team fee is paid in full. C’Ville Social also reserves the right to forfeit any upcoming games until the team fee has been paid in full.

Soccer Zero Tolerance Policy

To help the League emphasize that it will no longer tolerate dissent of a referee’s calls, the League is instituting a new ZERO TOLERANCE policy. The policy will be clearly posted in the Laws of the Game and FAQs on the League’s website. The new law, which will allow a referee to eject a player who persistently dissents calls without penalizing the overall team, will state:

A. The League endorses a zero tolerance approach to foul, abusive, or degrading language. Foul and abusive language includes, but is not limited to, profanity, racial/gender/religious/ethnic slurs or degrading comments, and harassing or demeaning words, phrases, or gestures. Regardless of whether it is directed at another player, a teammate, the referee, or a spectator, referees will automatically issue a Red Card ejection to the player. The ejected player must immediately leave the field complex. In addition to sitting out the remainder of the match the player was ejected from, the player will be required to sit out two additional matches. Additional match suspensions will be added for such things as continuing to use foul and abusive language, failing to leave the field complex immediately, and other actions which bring the game into disrespect. In the event of expletives used in frustration (missed shot, etc) that is muttered under the player?s breath, the referee is NOT required to Caution the player. Rule of thumb?if the foul language can be heard by spectators on the sideline, it MUST result in a Yellow Card.

B. The League endorses a zero tolerance approach to dissent of a referee?s call. When a player or a substitute on the bench persistently dissents, regardless of whether foul, abusive, or degrading language is used, the referee will eject the player/substitute. When a player on the field is ejected for dissent, the team may replace that player and DOES NOT have to play down a player. When either a player or a substitute on the bench is ejected for dissent, they must immediately leave the field and the surrounding area. The referee will not restart play until the offending player has left, but the clock will continue to run. To avoid the loss of playing time, teams are strongly encouraged to urge the offending player to immediately leave the field complex. In addition to sitting out the remainder of the match for which the player was ejected, the player MUST also sit out the team?s next scheduled match. Additional match suspensions will be added for such things as continuing to use foul and abusive language, failing to leave the field complex immediately, and other actions which bring the game into disrespect.

So to summarize the new policy, the referees now have the power to eject a player without punishing the entire team by having them play short. If a referee ejects a players due to foul, abusive, or degrading language, the team can substitute in another player to replace the ejected player, thus not penalizing the entire team. In the past, referees would take A LOT of verbal abuse from players, because they didn’t want to the team to play short. They now have the power to replace problem players, and remove them from the pitch.