New to the area? Looking for an activity? Want to play sports with best league in town? C’Ville Social registers hundreds of individuals each season at every skill level interested in getting on the field. Whether you have been playing for years or never played before, joining as an independent player is the perfect opportunity to meet new teammates.

Start a Small Group

If you have a group of friends, roommates or co-workers and are looking to join a sports league but don’t have enough to make a full team, not to worry, C’Ville Social has the right squad for you. Create a small group and C’Ville Social will match you with other small groups or individuals to form a new team.

Full Team

Whether you’re team building for your company or entering a league team that has been playing together for years, joining C’Ville Social as a Full Team is the right option for you. As team captain you control your roster and save money compared to individual registration.

join an existing team

Team Player

Your captain has signed your crew up as a Full Team. Now you need to add yourself to the roster, sign the player waiver and start receiving team updates.


FREE AGENTS – If you joined C’Ville Social as an Individual Player then you are all set!

SMALL GROUPS – If you joined C’Ville Social as part of a Group then you should invite your friends to sign up under your group name at least 7 days prior to the start of the season. Login to your account and click the ?Invite? link next to the program you just joined.

FULL TEAMS -?’s Team Captain you will need to invite your teammates to join your roster. Login to your account and click the ?Invite? link next to the program you just joined.

Your teammates will need to create a C’Ville Social account and sign the player waiver form. Be sure to have everyone join your team at least a week before the league starts to ensure player eligibility. Only players who are on your roster and have filled out a player waiver form are able to play on your team.


join an existing team

Forming New Teams

If you join C’Ville Social as an Individual Player or part of a Small Group rest assured that we are working on building a well balanced team of players of similar skill level. If you have friends looking to join with you, make sure you let them know to sign up as early as possible so they don’t get shut out, as all leagues are first come first served.

Check Your Email

Once you join C’Ville Social you will begin to receive email notifications from C’Ville Social staff. You will start by getting a receipt for your registration payment. Then you will get an important dates email letting you know all of the key upcoming dates leading up to opening day.

Deadlines and Schedules

All payment is due prior to the start of the season. Registration generally closes 7 days prior to the season start date. The first week or two of the season schedule are released 2-5 days prior to opening day. The balance of your season schedule is released at the end of the first week of play.


Captains Meeting

Meet C’Ville Social Staff to review game rules, league policies and answer all your questions.

Playoffs and Prizes

Every league has playoffs. Check your league page to see eligibility rules and format. 1st place prizes include trophies, championship shirts, and a variety of other cool stuff!